Pensieve Resource Package

I had a blast working with Tessa Vibe, Breanne Hack, and Jennifer Clace to create our resource package for ECMP 355. We chose to focus our resource package on Pensieve because some of our group members had heard about Pensieve during internship and shared it with the rest of us. None of us had ever heard of Pensieve before internship or had used it or seen it implemented in the classroom. So we were curious what all the excitement was about. As well, I was excited to explore Pensieve more because during internship, I had the opportunity to experience guided reading with some elements of Daily 5. During our guided reading time, I would meet with two groups of students each day. While reading with the student, I would try to collect anecdotal records. However, I was never able to establish a good system for data collection. My method included having a book and dedicating a page for each student. However, that did not always seem like the best method. Some days I would just write my anecdotal records on sticky notes and then try to get them into my book after. On other days, I would write one sheet for all the students in the group and then sort through the notes on each student. On the days I was really organized, I would have my book there at the table with me so that I could write on each student’s page. In the end I was not overly fond of any of these methods and was still seeking a better method.

I think using Pensieve could be a better method for me. Pensieve is a program created by the two sisters to help teachers take better organized anecdotal records. Pensieve was originally designed for Daily 5 as the goals for comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and efficiency are already pre-loaded into the program for the teacher to choose from. However, a teacher could enter their own goals to customize it for any subject.

So what exactly is Pensieve you ask? The main features of Pensieve are that, as the teacher, you can enter each student in your class and their reading level. You then have a space for each student to set what goal they are going to be working on, the instructions you will give, record anecdotal rerecords, decide what the next step should be, and whether the student has met this goal. As well, you can group the students and then record the information based on the group. We created a smore with more information on Pensieve and screen casts on how to add your students and create groups. I would recommend any teacher curious about Pensieve or wanting to use it in there classroom to watch these videos. You will discover just how easy Pensieve is. Please check out our Pensieve smore!!

Enter your class on Pensieve

Enter your class on Pensieve

Space to manage each students information.

Space to manage each students information.

Another great thing about Pensieve is that is has bunch of really cool extra features. Our favorite feature is the ‘share’ feature. So if another teacher has Pensieve, you can send a student’s information to them. This would be really helpful if a student is moving part way though the year or at the end of the year. That way the new teacher has an idea of where to start. The video bellow will give a more detailed explanation of all the extra features. This video can also be found on our smore.


The final section of our smore and resource package is a collection of our favorite apps that can be integrated into the different areas of Daily 5.

Apps for Daily 5

Apps for Daily 5




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