Houston We Have A Problem

I was so excited to sew all my blocks together into strips. I got through the first four rows with no problems and then my progress came to an abrupt halt. When I went to sew the blocks together in the fifth row, I took the stack of material over to my sewing machine. I thought the stack looked funny: it looked a lot smaller then the last four. So when I counted the stack I was devastated to discover that I only had 5 blocks! Where is the sixth block?? It was officially missing in actions.

Missing a block.

Missing a block.

This was something I was worried about when I first started cutting out my blocks because I knew I was going to have a lot of small loose pieces. My organizational system was to stack the strips for each block and then stack the blocks for each row. However, this strategy did not work very well for me because I still lost pieces. The fact that my work area was a mess could have also played a role in the fact that I lost a piece.

What a mess!

What a mess!

A strategy that I should have implemented that would have been really helpful is if I would of kept all the pieces in little plastic bags. I gathered this information from a blog called Quick Stitch: Keeping Quilt Blocks. I really liked this blog post because it did not just tell me what to do. Rather, it outlines organizational problems that the author was facing and then explained what strategies she used to cover come these problems. I found it very helpful that she explained both the problem and the strategy to overcome the problem. That way, I was able to compare my struggle to hers and see if that solution would work for the problem I was facing. That way I did not have to waste my time trying things that may not be relevant to my problem. Rather then using little plastic bags, the following video shows how I could have used a bag that was originally designed for fishing to store all the pieces. I find that one of the great things about learning from online resources is that people have different ideas and perspectives. Therefore, you are going to get a wide variety of solutions for any problem and one of them is bound to work for you.

After looking and looking and looking, I mean I looked everywhere for that missing block but it was nowhere to be found. So I looked back at my blog post “Designing my Quilt” to figure out what color and patters should be in this block. That is one great thing about blogging about this project. It creates an organized space for date collection where I can store resources to refer back to latter when need be. I figured out that the outside strips in the block were suppose to be the pink diamond print and the inside strips are green and blue. Of course I did not have enough scrap of pink to cut the strips. So I made one more trip to Fabricland.

Geting fabric for hopefully the last time!!

Geting fabric for hopefully the last time!!

By Monday afternoon I had the new fabric strips cut, sewn into a new block and continued on sewing the last two rows. Now of course just after I finished making the new block I found the missing block. I was looking for the TV remote and for some reason under the couch cushions seems to be a common hiding place for the remote at my house. I did not find the remote under the cushion but I did find the missing block. When I was ironing all the blocks I had the ironing board right behind the couch. So I am guessing that while I was ironing the block fell off the ironing board and somehow made its way under the cushion.

Found you!

Found you!

So I know have finished sewing all six rows together. The next step will be to attach all the rows together to create the actual quilt top.


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