Pinterest….To Use, or Not To Use as a Teaching Resource?

Jennifer Clace and I explored the positive and negative attributes in regards to using Pinterest as a teaching resource. Enjoy the role-play we have created of two teachers having a conversation in the staffroom at recess. Jennifer takes on the roll of a teacher who liked to use Pinterest as a source to find, collect, and organize resources and ideas for her classroom. On the other hand, I portray a teacher who prefers to go to the library and finds Pinterest confusing and overwhelming. When we first started we were unsure of the negative aspects of using Pinterest as a teaching resource. However after reading many blogs, articles and websites, we had a good idea of the challenges of using Pinterest. Our ideas were gathered from the following sources:

Please watch and hope you enjoy!!



Thanks for watching. Please feel free to share your thoughts on Pinterest in the comment section below.


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  1. Eriko
    Mar 02, 2015 @ 02:48:59

    Thanks for your video with great arguments.
    I am a huge Pinterest user myself and enjoy browsing the site. But I can see the cons of this site as well. I pin something at the moment I find the photo and think I will return to check it out, then I never go back. Fragmented ideas.
    I don’t think I will stop using Pinterest though.



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