Creating a Digital Identity

Until recently I have been very hesitant to create a digital identity manly because I did not like the idea of once you post something on the internet it is out there forever. The odd time I would post something on line I always made sure that the security settings were so high that no one could see it. Now that I think about it that kind of defeats the purpose of creating an online identity because if no one can see what you post online it makes it really hard to network with others. However, I am currently working on creating a positive and professional digital identity. I think there is a difference between creating a digital identity for professional development and networking with others and having a digital identity to just share personal information with the world. During our discussion about digital identity in ECMP on Tuesday, the idea arose that not having a digital identity could be just as bad as having a poor digital identity. I had never thought of this before but it think this could be especially true for a teacher because if a teacher does not have a digital identity at all, it might depict the image that they do not like to use or believe in technology. And, consequently, will probably not use it in the classroom with students.

Just like teachers, it is important that students create a positive digital identity. Teaching Digital Citizenship in the Elementary Classroom suggests how to act on line is becoming the new social skills that we need to teach our students. However, I believe that we still need to teach student how to use effective face-to-face social skills. It is important to note that these skills can easily be extended and connected to our social skills online. They should not be two separate entities because what we say and do in person should be no different then what we say and do online. The idea that I will have to teach my students how to be good digital citizens is a little overwhelming because I am not fully comfortable being a digital citizen yet myself. However, with resource like Mary Beth Hertsz blog post that offers resources on how to teach digital citizenship to young children, I am confident that I can learn about digital citizenship along with my students.


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  1. aidanniskala
    Feb 09, 2015 @ 01:14:33

    Great post Jenaya! (btw I love your name), I also have my hesitations about creating an online identity it makes me uncomfortable because I can’t control who see’s my profile and reads about my thoughts. In real life we get to chose who we share things with it seems kind of scary to not have that choice on here. I am glad I’m not the only one having to climb out of the shell! cheers



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