Decisions, Decisions- What Quilt Pattern To Pick?

This week I spent a lot of time looking at different quilt patterns. I used Pinterest as the starting point for my search. I found this a great place to start because it directed me to many different blogs or websites that had collections of quilt patterns. Some of my main criteria when deciding what blogs or websites I looked at for a potential pattern was I was also looking for directions, a supply list, and visuals to go along with the pattern. A lot of the patterns I found were just the template of the pattern that you could ether buy or download. But that was not very helpful for me because I am not an experienced quilter to know how to take that pattern and turn it into a finished quilt. I need the directions how much fabric to buy, how to cut the fabric, how to sew it together, and how to put the backing on. I had a hard time picking a pattern because they were all so beautiful. However, I found myself attracted to three different kinds of patterns: Chevron, French braid, and block designs. Below are the resources I looked at for each different kind of pattern before I finally chose what pattern to do.


  •  HYACINTH quilt designs– wonderful step by step pictures on how to cut, layout, and sew all the strips of fabrics together to make the Chevron pattern. I like how that pattern is broken down into parts. As a new quilter, this makes the pattern not so overwhelming.
  • Six White Horses– has a nice pattern that I can print off that would help with cutting and laying out the fabric and nice pictures of finished product. However, there was not enough directions or pictures of the quilt in process so I was a little unsure on how to sew each block of the Chevron pattern together so that it created on continuous Chevron pattern.
  • Craftsy– Directions and material list were too broad.
  • Chevron Column Quilt Tutorial– Great video to learn how to cut, iron, and pin the fabric to get it ready to sew. Rather then making the Chevron pattern in a block and then putting all the blocks together into one big Chevron pattern like the previous pattern, this video shows how to sew the strips into columns and then the columns are sewn together to make the Chevron pattern. After watching this video I understand how to easily put all the pieces together.
  • Dream Patch– different way to make a Chevron pattern. Looks like a lot of sewing and lots of room for mistakes.

French Braid:

  • Pear Tree Stitching– I thought the French braid quilt looked really cool and all the comments said it was easier then it looked. However, I could not get my head wrapped around how to sew the strips together so that it gave the braided look. As well I don’t think this is the best pattern for my first quilt pattern because if I don’t get all the strips even and straight, it would be noticeable.

Block Patterns:

  • Imagine Fabric– Great written step-by-step instructions with photos. The pattern looked really easy. However I think it was almost too easy. I wanted to pick a pattern that would create something that I was proud of rather then a pattern I could just get done. I don’t think this one as enough elements to make it something that I would be proud of when I was done.
  • Generations Quilt Patterns– This is a library of intricate and detailed quilt patterns. Some of them are very beautiful and I would love to have a finished quilt that would look like some of these but they are way to hard for me to use for my first quilt.
  • Bella Boutique– The cool thing about this patterns is the designs that are sewn into it. But because I don’t have the machine to do this I did not choose this pattern. However, there are fantastic tutorials for fabric selection and pre-washing, cutting fabric, and arranging blocks, sewing it together, basting, quilting, and binding. Even though this is not the pattern I chose it has lots of information that I will be using that will apply to the pattern I did choose.
  • Diary of a Quilter– This is where you can find the pattern for the quilt that I have chosen to do. It is called simple stripes quilt tutorial. It has all the elements that I was looking for in a pattern to help me be successful. There is a supply list, instructions in both the form of written and visuals about how to cut out the fabric, how to lay it out, how to sew the strips into blocks, how to square the blocks off, how to attach the blocks together, and how to finish the edges of quilt. What drew my to this quilt pattern was the fact that I would use a wide variety of colors and patterns which gives it a really fun feel. When I first saw it, it made me think of a picnic blanket. As well, I liked that not all the strips were the same size because I think it gives it more interest but yet there is still a pattern to how the different strips are arranged, not just random strips pieced together.

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