Mimio Board

One my favorite technologies that I tried during my internship was the Mimio board. A Mimio board is an interactive white board utilizing the white board that is already in the classroom. The white board becomes interactive by attaching the Mimio bar to the side of the white board. You can then project whatever is on your computer up onto the white board and control it from the board just like you would on the computer. As well, there is a fantastic software called MimioStudios which offers very useful features such as writing in different colors, highlighting, and pre-designed templates and images. These are just a few of the features that I played around with during my short time of using the Mimio board. I am sure it has many more possibilities.

I had never used or even heard of a Mimio board before, but I have had a little bit of experience using a Smart board so I was very excited to use the Mimio board. I found the MimioStudio software to be much more user friendly and easy to figure out in comparison to the Smart Board software. Below is the video called Mimio Interactive Demonstration, which is the video I watched when I first started using the Mimio board. It helped me understand what a Mimio board was and the basics of the software.

One of my favorite uses of the Mimio board was using it for our morning routine. The pre-set templates made making a calendar very easy. As well, I was able to easily add visuals for upcoming events such as sprit days, special lunches, assemblies, or days off. Designing the calendar was fast thanks to the collections of images that the Software offers. As well, in the morning I would use the Mimio for the activities that the student would print in their agendas. The save feature was amazing for this because I would create the activity before school and then I could save it. This allowed me open up the calendar for when the children came in and then it was a smooth, quick transition to our agenda activity. I also liked the save feature for when we were doing an activity that was going to carry over to the next day. I could just save it and still have full usage of the board for the rest of the day and I did not have to rewrite the activity on the board for the next day.

The other way I used to Mimio board during internship was for the student to play interactive games during guided reading and guided math. The board is very user-friendly. Therefore, after a short lesson teaching the students how to use the Mimio board, it became a station that the students could do on their own. During guided math, the students favorite website to play were Math Games and Jonnie’s Math Page. We used both of these pages for games that corresponded with curriculum when we were working on counting and adding. As for guided reading, there is a lot of great websites with games for students but some of our favorites were Starfall, ABCya and Spelling City. Starfall is great for working with phonics and I like Spelling City for the games because teachers can enter the high frequency words that students are working on and those are the words that will be used in the games.


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