A Little More About Me

My name is Jenaya Taylor and I am in my fourth and final year of the Elementary Education program at the University of Regina. I was born in Regina and continue to live here with my mother, father, and younger brother, Jobie. For elementary school, I attend Grant Road School and F. W. Johnson Collegiate for high school. Both my parents are teachers: my mom is a grade two teacher and my dad a high school science teacher. When I complete my degree, I will be the fourth generation teacher on my dad’s side and fifth generation teacher on my mom’s side. I did not feel a pressure to enter the field of education to continue a family tradition. Ever since I received a chalkboard for my fourth birthday, I have dreamed of becoming a teacher. Playing “school” became my favorite game, and my desire to become a teacher bloomed from there. From my first day of school, I have always had a love for school and learning.

I have just come back from internship, last semester I interned in a grade one/two split classroom here in Regina. It was one the most exciting, motivating and challenging experiences of my life. Thanks to my outstanding cooperative teacher who recognized my strengths and encouraged me to work on my weakness, I learned so much! Being back at university this semester I find myself missing the staff and students.

I have always had a passion for working with youth. For the past six years, I have worked as a mentor to a young girl with Aspberger’s Syndrome. We enjoy weekly outings together with some of our favorites beings swimming, shopping, and sporting events. As well I have worked at a day care here in the city. At the day care, I have had the opportunity to work with every group from infants up to school aged.

Outside of school I have many passions and hobbies: In the summer, I enjoy spending time at the lake with my extended family boating, skiing, wakeboarding, sailing and playing cards. The cabin is our little peace of paradise. In the winter, I enjoy downhill skiing. As well in the winter you can also usually find my in a hockey rink or basketball gym watching my brother play hockey and basketball. I have always been very crafty: I have tried jewelry making, scrapbooking, woodworking, and glass blowing just to name a few. However the craft that has stuck the most is stained glass.

As for my initial thought on the use of technology in the classroom, I think it is important! As teachers it is our job to create an environment where students can acquire the skills they will need to be successful later on in life. As we know, our society is becoming more driven by technology. Students are going to be encountering more jobs and situations that are going to require them to be able to use technology. Therefore, we would be robbing the students of important learning opportunities if we did not use technology in the classroom. As well, I think it is important to use technology in the classroom because it creates engaging and in depth learning opportunities for students. Students are able to inquire into information that interests them. As well, students are able to connect with others around the world in create varied learning opportunities.


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