Baby Steps Into Technology

Only five days after our first ECMP 355 class and I am, slowly but surely, expanding my experience with technology. I was a little behind the eight ball because up until this point, I did not have a Gmail account. I knew that I was really behind with technology because my grandpa had a Gmail account before I did! I had been putting off having a Gmail account because I was very comfortable with my simple Sasktel email account. However, I already love Gmail! I find that it has organization features that are very user friendly. As well, I like that I can use my Gmail account to access many other services that Goggle offers such as Goggle Plus which we use for our class community in ECMP 355. Having all the features linked together is very handy for me because I am always forgetting user names and passwords.

My most exciting step thus far into the world of technology was becoming an active member of the Twitter community. I had created a Twitter account about a year and a half ago but I had never done anything with it. I created a new account to use for ECMP 355 and hopefully into my teaching career. I have officially tweeted four times! That’s four times more then I did in the last year and a half! I hope to use my Twitter account to network with others and gain resources on how to use technology in the classroom. If you are interested you can follow me on twitter at @MissTaylor93. I am still not great with Twitter and don’t understand the use of hashtages so it might not be very exciting yet. But I am going to learn!!

Finally the most challenging technology endeavor this week was creating a blog. But thanks to my very helpful friend Kaela I was able to get my blog up and running. Which brings me to my first blog post!!



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